Grave - You'll Never See

Artist: Grave
Album: You'll Never See
Year: 1992
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Visby)
Format: mp3 VBR

1992's You'll never see...

the band's critically-acclaimed second release, showcased their growing musical talent with a cleaner, stronger sound appealing to a wider audience while retaining the group's trademark heaviness. That effort also marked the first album recording without bassist Jonas, who'd left GRAVE several months earlier. After unsuccessfully trying to fill the slot, the group made a collective decision to revert to their original three-man line-up, with guitarist Jorgen Sandstrom switching to bass.

1. You'll Never See... 05:09
2. Now and Forever 04:18
3. Morbid Way To Die 04:46
4. Obsessed 03:50
5. Grief 04:53
6. Severing Flesh 05:15
7. Brutally Deceased 03:59
8. Christi(ns)anity 04:46


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