Grave - Hating Life

Artist: Grave
Album: Hating Life
Year: 1996
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Visby)
Format: mp3 192

In 1996, GRAVE ventured back with another attack of their relentlessly brutal, yet catchy material in the shape of Hating Life. Produced, by Skogsberg at his Sunlight facility, the album marked the vocal debut of guitarist Ola Lindgren, who took over the singing after the departure of Sandstrom. Proving that they haven't softened their stance a bit or compromised their focus on writing songs that hit hard and leave a lasting impression, Hating Life will surely please anyone into music that's treacherous and tuneful.

01. Worth the Wait 03:41
02. Restrained 03:44
03. Winternight 03:02
04. Two of Me 02:38
05. Beauty Within 03:46
06. Lovesong 03:11
07. Sorrowfilled Moon 04:23
08. Harvest Day 03:43
09. Redress 03:29
10. Still Hating Life 01:15


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