Grave - Fiendish Regression

Artist: Grave
Album: Fiendish Regression
Year: 2004
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Visby)
Format: mp3 VBR

In early 2004 Grave decided to premier visit the popular Abyss Studios in Sweden to immortalize their newest creations on tape with Tommy & Peter Tägtgren. Remaining in the same core line-up of the last “comeback” years the band’s ranks feature a new entry on drums with Coercion-Member Pelle Ekegren adding a more vivid and relentless groove attack to the classic GRAVE song-structures. The first pressing includes the Saint Vitus cover track “Burial At Sea” and the re-recorded own cult track “Autopsied” as special bonus songs.

1. Last Journey 05:03
2. Reborn 03:45
3. Awakening 04:28
4. Breeder 04:09
5. Trial By Fire 03:47
6. Out Of The Light 04:05
7. Inner Voice 04:07
8. Bloodfeast 04:15
9. Heretic 05:02


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