Grave - Into The Grave

Artist: Grave
Album: Into The Grave
Year: 1991
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Visby)
Format: mp3 256

The group's legendary 1991 debut,

Into the Grave established GRAVE as one of death metal's most brutal new hopefuls. A title the act cemented through a host of live performances across Europe and America. Into the Grave contains songs from the demos they were signed on and also some newer material written awaiting a record contract.

2.In Love03:36
3.For Your God03:46
4.Obscure Infinity03:08
5.Hating Life03:02
6.Into the Grave04:08
7.Extremely Rotten Flesh04:35
9.Day of Mourning03:35
11.Banished to Live04:50
Total playing time42:24


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