Benediction - Killing Music (2008)

Artist: Benediction
Album: Killing Music
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Format: MP3 320
Year: 2008

1. Intro 01:32
2. The Grey Man 02:44
3. Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask) 02:54
4. Killing Music 03:41
5. They Must Die Screaming 03:54
6. Dripping With Disgust 03:56
7. Wrath And Regret 03:48
8. As Her Skin Weeps 01:53
9. Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant 03:08
10. Immaculate Facade 04:51
11. Burying The Hatchet 01:58
12. Beg, You Dogs 03:54
13. Betrayer 02:41
14. They Bleed 04:12

Alternative link

Therion - Gothic Kabbalah

Artist: Therion
Album: Gothic Kabbalah
Year: 2007
Genre: Avantgarde/Operatic
Country: Sweden
Format: FLAC / lossless
Size: 617 MB.


1. Der Mitternachtlцwe 05:38
2. Gothic Kabbalah 04:32
3. The Perennial Sophia 04:53
4. Wisdom and the Cage 05:01
5. Son of the Staves of Time 04:47
6. Tuna 1613 04:21
7. Trul 05:11
8. Close Up the Streams 03:55

1. The Wand of Abaris 05:50
2. Three Treasures 05:20
3. Path to Arcady 03:53
4. TOF - The Trinity 06:17
5. Chain of Minerva 05:21
6. The Falling Stone 04:46
7. Adulruna Rediviva 13:36

Total playing time: 01:23:21


Origin (USA) - Origin

Artist: Origin
Album: Origin
Year: 2000
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Format: mp3@320
Size: 69 MB.

1.Lethal Manipulation 02:26
2.Sociocide 04:12
3.Vomit You Out 03:20
4.Origin 02:55
5.Mental Torment 03:49
6.Manimal Instincts 03:00
7.Infliction 02:51
8.Disease Called Man 03:44
9.Inner Reflections 03:26

Total playing time: 29:49


Atheist - Piece of time - 1990

Artist: Atheist
Album: Piece Of Time
Year: 1989
Genre: Progressive Death /Jazz Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Format: FLAC / lossless
Size: 410 MB.

1. Piece of Time 04:33
2. Unholy War 02:18
3. Room With a View 04:06
4. On They Slay 03:38
5. Beyond 02:59
6. I Deny 04:00
7. Why Bother? 02:56
8. Life 03:12
9. No Truth 04:28

Bonus Tracks:

10. Undefiled Wisdom (1987 Demo)
11. Brain Damage (1987 Demo)
12. On They Slay (1987 Demo)
13. Hell Hath No Mercy (1987 Demo of Why Bother?)
14. Choose Your Death (1988 Demo)
15. No Truth (1988 Demo)

Total playing time: 32:10

Download PartI
Download PartII
Download PartIII

PASSWORD: vitaljazz

Re-updated this post, new links, with bonus tracks, etc. Good Luck

Megadeth - 1986 - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying (Remastered)

Artist: Megadeth
Album: Peace Sells...But Who's Buying (Remastered)
Year: 1986
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 320

1. Wake Up Dead
2. The Conjuring
3. Peace Sells
4. Devil's Island
5. Good Mourning/Black Friday
6. Bad Omen
7. I Ain't Superstitious
8. My Last Words
9. Wake Up Dead (Randy Burns Mix)
10.The Conjuring (Randy Burns Mix)
11.Peace Sells (Randy Burns Mix)
12.Good Mourning - Black Friday (Randy Burns Mix)


Como Bajar por


click en el link y te mandará a la primera página de descarga. Una vez ahí, buscas el link que está resaltado como en el ejemplo que sigue.

(Alternativamente, podría no aparecer en la posición indicada en la imagen, habiendo en su lugar aproximandamente 3 links... si fuera el caso, el link que te lleva al segundo paso es el primero)


Una vez que carga la siguiente página, marcas cualquiera de los enlaces que aparecen (en este caso, usaremos el primero)

Al Abrise la página mirarás en la parte superior derecha (Mirar foto)
un contador y tendrás que esperar como 30 segundos.

Despues de esperar mirarás algo así:

Abrir ese link y pasar al siguiente paso.

Paso 4

Al abir la página vas a mirar 4 números (Mirar foto). Ingresar los números.

Paso 5

Mirarás que regresaste a la misma pantalla que en el paso 1 pero solo que cambio un poco (Mirar foto y flecha). Ahi tienes el link para bajar.

Tomado de

Goatlord - Reflections of the Solstice

Artist: Goatlord
Album: Reflections of the Solstice
Year: 1991
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 VBR
Size: 82 MB

1. Voodoo Mass 07:00
2. Blood Monk 05:53
3. Distorted Birth 06:58
4. The Fog 06:55
5. Underground Church 04:34
6. Chicken Dance 03:50
7. Acid Orgy 05:42
8. Possessed Soldiers of War 05:17
9. Sacrifice 04:20

Total playing time 50:29


Thanks to original uploader

Aura Noir - Hades Rise

Artist: Aura Noir
Album: Hades Rise
Year: 2008
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Norway
Format: mp3@VBR233kbps
Size: 69MB

1. Hades Rise (3:25)
2. Gaping Grave Awaits (4:00)
3. Unleash the Demon (3:47)
4. Pestilent Streams (3:26)
5. Schitzoid Paranoid (2:45)
6. Death-Mask (3:35)
7. Shadows of Death (5:47)
8.Iron Night/Torment Storm (5:09)
9. South American Death (3:13)
10. The Stalker (3:07)

Total playing time: 38:14


Thanks to original uploader

Deicide - Insineratehymn

Artist: Deicide
Album: Insineratehymn
Year: 2000
Style: Death Metal
Country: USA
Bitrate: MP3 320 kbps
Size: 65 MB

1.Bible Basher
2.Forever Hate You
3.Standing in the Flames
4.Remnant of a Hopeless Path
5.The Gift That Keeps on Giving
6.Halls of Warship
7.Suffer Again
8.Worst Enemy
9.Apocalyptic Fear
10.Refusal of Penance

Total playing time 31:10

Line Up:

Steve Asheim: Drums
Glen Benton: Vocals, bass
Brian Hoffman: Guitar
Eric Hoffman: Guitar


Alternative link

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Evil Darkness - Malignant Supremacy (2009)


Artist: Evil Darkness
Album: Malignant Supremacy
Year: 2009
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Colombia
Format: mp3
Size: 50MB

01. Intro
02. The Taking of the Immortal Seeder
03. Infernal Rage
04. A Weak Throne of Mortality
05. Slowly You Rot
06. The Cruel Reality of the Enemy
07. Downfall
08. Complete Extinction
09. Repugnant Humanity
10. The Triumph (Malignant Supremacy)
11. Without Mercy
12. Buried in Hypocrisy
13. Spirit of the Dark


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Assaulter - Salvation Like Destruction - 2008

Artist: Assaulter
Album: Salvation Like Destruction
Year: 2008
Genre: Black/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Country: Australia
Format: mp3@VBR
Size: 63MB

1. Talon and Teeth 5:01
2. The Axiom Star 4:50
3. Glory Alone 6:14
4. Proselytiser 5:23
5. Awe of Fire 5:36
6. Vengeance Whips 5:10
7. Between Gods and Men 7:33


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Aborted - The Auricular Chronicles 2006



1. Dead Wreckoning 03:41
2. Meticulous Invagination 03:02
3. Gestated Rabidity 04:05
4. The Holocaust Incarnate 04:19
5. The Inertia 03:35
6. Interlude
7. The Saw & the Carnage Done 04:50
8. Sanguine Verses 02:58
9. Threading the Prelude
10. The Gangrenous Epitaph 03:25
11. Hecatomb 02:50
12. The Sanctification of Fornication 03:22
13. Charted Carnal Effigy 03:31
14. A Cold Logistic Slaughter 02:13

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Mirror Of Dead Faces - Lamentation-2008

Artist: Mirror Of Dead Faces
Album: Lamentation
Year: 2008
Genre: Deathcore
Country: USA
Format: mp3@VBR
Size: 52 MB

1. The Beginning Of Sorrows 3:02
2. A Cripple Within 3:26
3. The Horde Of Swine 3:21
4. This Is My Curse 3:53
5. Lamentation 4:39
6. Gauntlet Of The Will 3:33
7. The Suffering 3:20
8. Bringer Of Peace, The Lord Of War 3:35
9. Plague Of Sheol (Instrumental) 2:37


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° ° °
ÜÜÜÛÛ °° ° °° ÛÛÜÜÜ °
ÜÜÜÜÛÛÛ ° ÜÛÛÛ°°°ÛÜ ±°°°±± Û±±°ÛÛÛÛ ÛÜÜ °°
ÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÛ²±±°²ÛÛ ° Û°°°°°±Û ²±°°±² ÛÛ°°°°²Û ÜÛÛÛ °°° ÜÜ
ÜÜÜÛÛÛÛ²±±°°°°°°°±±²Û °° ßÛ°°±°°Û ²±°²² Û²°°°±ÛÛ ±°Û °°° ÛÛÛÛÛÜÜ
ßÛÛ²±±°°°°°°°°°°°±°°±±ÛÛ °°°° Û±±°±±ÛÛ ²²±²ß Û±°±°²Û Ü°°Û °°°° Û°°±²²ÛÛß
ÛÛ±±°±°°°°±±²ÛÛÛÛÛÛßßß °°°°°°° ßÛ²±±±²ÛÜ ²ÛÛ ÛÛ±±±°Ûß Û°±Û °°± Û°°°±²Ûß
Û²°°°±°ÛÛÛßßßAyL.cRO ÜÜÜ °°°°° Û°Ü ß±ÛÛ ßßß Û±±°±ÛÛ Û±°±Û °°± ÛÛ±°°±²Û
ßÛ±±°±±±Û ° ÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÛ °°±±° ß ÛÛÛÜÜÜ ß ßÛÛ±±±ÛÛ ÜÛ°°ÛÛ ±±² Û°°±°±Ûß
Û²±±±±±ÛÛ ± ßÛÛ²±°±²Û° ±°±±±°°° Û°°°°ÛÛÛÛÜ ±±²ÛÛ ÜÛ±°±Û ܲ²Û Û±°±°±Û
ÛÛ±°±°±²Û ²Û ßßßßß°±Û± ±±±±±±°° Û±°°°°°Ûß Ü±²ÛÛ ÜÛ±±°°ÛÜÜ ßß Û°±°±±Û
Û±±±±±²Û ÜÜÜÛÛÛÜÞ°Û² ±±²²²±°° Û±°±°±Ûß ²±±Ûß Û²±²°±±±ÛÛÛÛÛÛ±±±°ÛÛ
Û±±±±±±ÛÛÛÛ²±±±²ÛݱÛÛ ²²Û²²² ÜÛ±°°±±Û ²±±²Û Û Û±²²±±±±±±²²±°°±°±Û
Û²±±²±²²²²²±²±²²ÛÞ°°ÛÛ ²ßßßÛ² Û±°±±±Û ܲ²±±Û ß Û±²±²²²±±±±±±°±±±±Û
ÛÛ±²±±±²±²²²²²±ÛÛÛÝ°ÛÛ Û ÛÜ ß Û±±±²ÛÛ Û±±±±ÛÛ ÛÛ±±²±ÛÛÛÛÛ²±±±²±±²Û
Û²±²±²²ÛÛÛÛßßßßßÞܱ°Û ß ÛÛÛÜ Û±²±±Û Û²²±±²Û Û±±²²²Û Ü ßßÛ²±±²±ÛÛ
Û²±±²²²Û ÜÜÜ ßÛ±±²±±Û ÛÛ²ÛÜ Û²±²±Û ÛÛ²²²±Û ßÛ²²²²Û ÛÛ² Û²±²±²Û
Û²±²²±²Û Û²² Û±±±²±ÛÛÜÛ²²ÛÛÜÛ²±²ÛÛ Ü Û²±²²ÛÛ Û²²²ÛÛ ²²² Û²²²²²Û
Û²²²²²²ÛÛ ²±± ßÛ±²²²²Û²²²Û²²Û²²²²Û ÜÛ Û²²²²²ÛÜ Û²²Û ±² Û²²²²²ÛÜ
Û²²²±²²²Û ±°°° Û²²²²²²²²ÛÛÛ²²²²±²Û ²² Û²²²±²²Û ß²²Û ±°² ÛÛ²²²²²²Û
Û²²²²²²²Û °°° ÛÛ²²²²²²Ûß ÛÛ²²²²ÛÛ ± Û²²²²²²ÛÛÜ ²Û °°± Û²²²²²²²Û
ÛÛ²²²²²²²ÛÛ °° Û²²²²²Ûß Ü Û²²²²Û ° ÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛßß ÜÜÛÛ °± Û²²²²²²²Û
Û²²²ÛÛÛÛÛßßß °° ÛÛ²²²Ûß ÛÛ ßÛ²²²Û ° ÜÛÛßß ÜÜÜÛÜÜ ßßß °° ÛÛÛÛ²²²²ÛÜ
ÛÛßßßß ÜÜÜÜÛ²± °° Û²²ÛÛ ²Û²² Û²²ÛÛ ° Ü ÜÜÛßß ßßß ß °°ÜÜÜ ßßßÛÛÛÛ
°ÛÛÛÛ²±° by TEAM °° ÛÛ ±°° °° ÛÛ PRESENTS °±²ÛÛÛÛ°
²ÛÛÛ± FWYH °° Û ±° ° ß ±ÛÛÛ²
±ÛÛÛ° ARTiST....[ Amduscia °ÛÛÛ±
ÛÛÛ± TiTLE.....[ Madness In Abyss ±ÛÛÛ
²ÛÛ² GENRE.....[ Electronic ²ÛÛ²
ÛÛÛ LABEL.....[ Out Of Line ÛÛÛ
²ÛÛ° KHZ.......[ 44,1 °ÛÛ²
±ÛÛ± MODE......[ VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo ±ÛÛ±
°ÛÛ± ENCODER...[ Lame 3.97 ±ÛÛ°
ßÜ ±ÛÛ² REL.DATE..[ Oct-24-2008 ²ÛÛ± Üß
° ßÛ²²ÛÜ ÜÜÛ²²Ûß °
ÛÜÜÜÜܲ±ßßßßßß [TRACKLiST] ßßßßßß±²ÜÜÜÜÛ
²Û²ß Nr. TRACK ùùùùùùùùù TiME: ß²Û²
°Û± ________________________________________________________________ ±Û°
°Û± ³ cd1 ³ ±Û°
°Û± ³ ³ ±Û°
°Û± 01³ Kill, inc., motherfuckers ³ 05:22 ±Û°
°Û± 02³ Decision Inminente ³ 05:08 ±Û°
°Û± 03³ Madness in Abyss ³ 05:25 ±Û°
°Û± 04³ Perverse Party ³ 05:06 ±Û°
°Û± 05³ Animal Instinct (Part 1) ³ 05:11 ±Û°
°Û± 06³ Perversión, Perdición, Demencia ³ 05:33 ±Û°
°Û± 07³ Animal Instinct (Part 2) (Nightmares of Conscience) ³ 05:05 ±Û°
°Û± 08³ Ashes of Betrayal (Album version) ³ 05:12 ±Û°
°Û± 09³ War on Me ³ 05:19 ±Û°
°Û± 10³ Schizo Dance ³ 05:10 ±Û°
°Û± 11³ La Muerte ³ 05:59 ±Û°
°Û± 12³ What ³ 04:38 ±Û°
°Û± ³ ³ ±Û°
°Û± ³ cd2 ³ ±Û°
°Û± ³ ³ ±Û°
°Û± 01³ A Pleasure Without End ³ 04:10 ±Û°
°Û± 02³ Bad Seed ³ 03:24 ±Û°
°Û± 03³ Show Me ³ 04:27 ±Û°
°Û± 04³ The Visage of Evil ³ 03:40 ±Û°
°Û± 05³ The Last Breath (Nobody Could Help You) ³ 04:30 ±Û°
°Û± 06³ El Consuelo Final ³ 03:52 ±Û°
°Û± 07³ Untitled ³ 04:05 ±Û°
°Û± ³ ³ _____ ±Û°
°Û² ³ TOTAL PLAYTiME (MiN):³ 91:16 ²Û°
±Û² ùùùùùùùùù ²Û±
°Û± ±Û°
°Û± Mexico attacks again! The other Middle American figurehead in ±Û°
°Û± Harsh Electro has completed work on their third album – and it ±Û°
°Û± is a hefty experience, indeed! Harder and far more infernal ±Û°
°Û± than ever, "Madness In Abyss" crushes us with rhythmic loops and ±Û°
°Û± pulsing beats while heavily distorted vocals and whipping ±Û°
°Û± EBM-sequencers kick us in the face. Edgar, Polo and Raoul have ±Û°
°Û± left their basic sound intact, an industrial perversion of ±Û°
°Û± Techno and Trance, but have embedded it in more complex and ±Û°
°Û± intense, sample-heavy constructs, thus banning the last spark of ±Û°
°Û± light from their songs. The Mexican trio has kept the clubs in ±Û°
°Û± mind as well though, basing their Hardfloor attack on straight ±Û°
°Û± beats combined with atmospheric soundscapes that provide their ±Û°
°Û± aggressive sounds with a catchy edge. ±Û°
°Û± ±Û°
°Û± The limited first edition of this release comes in a Digipak and ±Û°
°Û± contains a bonus disc that shows the trio from a different ±Û°
°Û± musical side: extraordinary Dark Ambient tracks & the perfect ±Û°
°Û± sounds for a mad trip into the insides of a psychopath. ±Û°
Üß ²±Û²²Û±ßßßßßß [GROUPNOTES] ßßßßßß±Û²²Û±² ßÜ
° ÜÛÛÛÛ²° ùùùùùùùùùù °²ÛÛÛÛÜ °
° ÜÛÛ±ÛÛ°° °°ÛÛ±ÛÛÜ °
Üß ²Û±° FWYH : FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD, We're all about Family °±Û² ßÜ
²Û²° Dedication, Quality, Respect & LOVE for the music! °²Û²
²Û²° As the years passes,all our motives and objectives °²Û²
²Û²° remain,we want to give the best on dark electronic °²Û²
²Û²° genres,with the quality deserved for the only true °²Û²
²Û²° underground scene,the future might be these genres °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° To all the artists that we release, some newcomers °²Û²
²Û²° & other established acts: We are sorry if you dont °²Û²
²Û²° understand the promotion we do, of your own work, °²Û²
²Û²° but if your music is full of quality,we are pretty °²Û²
²Û²° sure that a lot of people will spend their money °²Û²
²Û²° on your art. Our intention isn't to spread for the °²Û²
²Û²° masses, but just to promote good music, so all we °²Û²
²Û²° can ask is an apologize for any misunderstanding!! °²Û²
²Û²° You People deserve all our respect and attention!! °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° As opposite to all the Xdcc & p2p lamerz that one °²Û²
²Û²° day will problaly destroy us all, our releases are °²Û²
²Û²° not supposed to be spread all round,but to be were °²Û²
²Û²° they are meant to stay! Behind doors & locked away °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° __________________________________________________ °²Û²
²Û²° ùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù [GREETS] ùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° To our competition: AMOK, CMG, D2H, radial, SEVER °²Û²
²Û²° for all the good "fights", may you lose more than °²Û²
²Û²° win,there's no room for second place on this bizz °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° To all the crews that have been an example for us °²Û²
²Û²° trough this years, many to enumerate, but we all °²Û²
²Û²° know "Who is Who", Props go to "WHO" deserves it! °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
²Û²° And finally, greets to all FWYH guys and their own °²Û²
²Û²° families, takes time and patience to go along with °²Û²
²Û²° all of this, so the warmest greets are to them!!!! °²Û²
²Û²° °²Û²
ÜÛÛÛßßÛ²±±ÛÛßßß ßßßÛÛ±±²ÛßßÛÛÛÜ
ÛÛÛÛ Updated on 12-2006 ÛÛÛÛ
ÛÛÛ FWYH : in Joint-Stereo forces ÛÛÛ
ÛÛÜ with Lame 3.90.3 ÜÛÛ
ÛÛ Alive since 2001 ÛÛ

Download CDI
Download CDII

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Satyricon - The Age Of Nero (limited edition) 2CD - 2008

Artist: Satyricon
Album: The Age Of Nero (limited edition)
Year: 2008
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Format: mp3@VBR250kbps
Size: 146 MB


Cd I

01.Commando 04:29
02.The Wolfpack 04:05
03.Black Crown on A Tombstone 03:53
04.Die by My Hand 07:08
05.My Skin is Cold 05:16
06.The Sign of the Trident 06:58
07.Last Man Standing 03:40
08.Den Siste 07:25

Cd 2
The limited edition includes a bonus second disc with the following tracklist:

01. My Skin is Cold (Ep Version)
02. Live Through Me (Live)
03. Existential Fear-Questions (Live)
04. Repined Bastard Nation (Live)
05. Mother North (Live)
06. The Pentagram Burns (Radio Edit)
07. Last Man Standing (Guitar Wall mix)
08. Den Siste (Analog mix)

Download PartI
Download PartII

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Xandria - Live at Summer Breeze Festival Show 2007

ARTiST.....: Xandria
TiTLE......: Live At Summer Breeze festival 2007
YEAR.......: 2008
GENRE......: Gothic Metal
LENGTH.....: 35 Min Aprox.
REL.DATE...: 2008-Nov-23

TYPE.......: PAL
RESOLUTiON.: 720x400

SETTiNG....: 1536 Kbps

Originally uploaded by Mictlantecuhtli

Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos - 2009

Artist: Kreator
Album: Hordes Of Chaos
Year: 2009
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Format: mp3@VBR250kbps
Size: 70MB

1. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite) 05:04
2. Warcurse 04:10
3. Escalation 03:24
4. Amok Run 04:12
5. Destroy What Destroys You 03:13
6. Radical Resistance 03:43
7. Absolute Misanthropy 03:37
8. To the Afterborn 04:53
9. Corpses of Liberty 00:55
10. Demon Prince 05:16


Thanks to original uploader

Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium 1987

Artist: Celtic Frost
Album: Into The Pandemonium
Year: 1987
Genre: Black / Death / Thrash / Doom
Country: Switzerland
Size: 110 MB

01-Mexican radio
03-Inner sanctum
04-Tristesses de la lune
05-Babylon feel (Jade serpent)
06-Caress into oblivion (Jade serpent 2)
07-One in their pride (Porthole mix)
08-I won't dance (The Elders' orient)
09-Sorrows of the moon
10-Rex Irae (Requiem)
11-Oriental masquerade
12-One in their pride (Re-entry mix)

Download PartI
Download PartII

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Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave (2009)

Artist: Napalm Death
Album: Time Waits For No Slave
Year: 2009
Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Format: mp3@VBR223kbps
Size: 80MB

01.Strongarm 03:04
02.Diktat 03:41
03.Work to Rule 03:17
04.On the Brink of Extinction 03:30
05.Time Waits for No Slave 04:27
06.Life and Limb 04:01
07.Downbeat Clique 04:26
08.Fallacy Dominion 04:07
09.Passive Tense 03:49
10.Larceny of the Heart 03:36
11.Procrastination on the Empty Vessel 02:57
12.Feeling Redundant 03:23
13.A No-Sided Argument 02:14
14.De-Evolution Ad Nauseum 03:49

Total playing time: 50:14


Thanks to original uploader

Within Temptation - Black Symphony 2008 2 DVDs


1. DVD - 8,56GB (78x100MB + 1x67MB)
2. DVD - 8,2GB (76x100MB + 1x5MB)

DVD 1.

DVD 1: Black Symphony - Within Temptation Live With The Metropole Orchestra

1. Ouverture
2. Jillian
3. The Howling
4. Stand My Ground
5. The Cross
6. What Have You Done
7. Hand Of Sorrow
8. The Heart Of Everything
9. Forgiven
10. Somewhere
11. The Swan Song
12. Memories
13. Our Solemn Hour
14. The Other Half (Of Me)
15. Frozen
16. The Promise
17. Angels
18. Mother Earth
19. The Truth Beneath The Rose
20. Deceiver Of Fools
21. All I Need
22. Ice Queen
23. Countdown

Backstage Report
Countdown Black Symphony

DVD 2: Live in Eindhoven 2007

1. Intro
2. Jillian
3. The Howling
4. The Cross
5. Hand Of Sorrow
6. The Heart Of Everything
7. Restless
8. Our Solemn Hour
9. Mother Earth
10. Jane Doe
11. The Truth Beneath The Rose
12. All I Need

# Promo Videos: 'What Have You Done', 'Frozen', 'The Howling', 'All I Need'
# The Making Of: 'Frozen', 'The Howling', 'All I Need'
# World Tour Impressions: Japan, USA, South America, Europe
# TV Awards shows
# Photo gallery

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