Grave - Back From the Grave

Artist: Grave
Album: Back From the Grave
Year: 2002
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Visby)
Format: mp3 320

In 2002 Grave released the new album Back from the grave. Once again recorded in Sunlight by Tomas Skogsberg, this was the first recording in 6 years and featured a new line-up. Original bassplayer Jonas Torndal on rhytmguitar and longtime friend Fredrik Isaksson on bass. The album is in the good old Grave style combining heaviness, brutality and the groove that has always been associated with the band. It was very well received from fans as well as media/press and has proven that Grave is standing strong and has stayed true to their values and fans.


01. Intro
02. Rise
03. Behold The Flames
04. Dead Is Better
05. Receiver
06. No Regrets
07. Resurrection
08. Below
09. Bloodfed
10. Thorn To Pieces


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