Ulver - Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler


Artist: Ulver
Album: Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler
Year: 1994
Style: Blak/Folk Metal
Country: Norway
Audio: MP3 320 kbps
Size: 40Mb

Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler is considered to be a folk-themed black metal album for its occasionally fast tempo, distorted electric guitars and croaky screaming vocals intermitted with melodious acoustic passages with clean vocals, and having a fantasy storyline. The title Bergtatt literally translates as “mountain-taken”; in Norwegian folk tales the word refers to people who wander off into mountains, lured by trolls or other legendary beings. The narrative of the album’s lyrics follows a maiden as she becomes so mountain-taken. The subtitle translates as “A Tale in 5 Chapters”. Bergtatt features a melancholic, fully acoustical song Een Stemme Locker (“A Voice Beckons”).


1. Capitel I : I Troldskog Faren Vild
2. Capitel II : Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need
3. Capitel III : Graablick Blev Hun Vaer
4. Capitel IV : Een Stemme Locker
Capitel V : Bergtatt - Ind I Fjeldkamrene


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